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MWF distributes meat in Bangladesh

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha this year, Minhaj Welfare Foundation Bangladesh has expanded its area of operations for Qurbani 2012. The meat of the sacrificed animals was distributed among the... Read More

Gaza Appeal: Emergency Crisis

Gaza Appeal: Emergency Crisis

Gaza Crisis is intensifying as over 100 people have lost their lives and many millions are at risk. A humanitarian response is imperative in the current situation as lives are at risk; Minhaj Welfare... Read More

MWF Collective Qurbani in Somalia, Africa

MWF has concluded Qurbani 2012 in its Worldwide Campaign Minhaj Welfare Foundation helped ‘Share the Blessings’ of sacrificial meat donated by its donors to the poor and impoverished during the... Read More

Minhaj Welfare Foundation Live Telethon on Minhaj TV & Sky Channel 792 – 1st July

Watch Live Charity Appeal on Sunday 1st July, from 7pm on Prime TV, Sky Channel 792. Join the MWF team on this special night, to raise money for 500 Orphans and provide them the basic essentials to... Read More

Digital library inaugurated at MQI Bahrain

By the grace of Almighty Allah, mercy of His Messenger the Holy Prophet (SAW) and guidance and patronage of Shaykh-ul-Islam, a digital library was inaugurated in the Islamic center under the banner... Read More

Watch HelpFeed TV Appeal of MWF UK on SkyChannel 792 - 5th May 2012 8:00 PM (UK time)

Watch exclusive program of Minhaj Welfare Foundation's on HelpFeed this saturday 5th of May 2012 8:00 PM (UK time) on SkyChannel 792. HelpFeed is to fight hunger in the world and eradicate poverty.... Read More

Shaykh-ul-Islam officially opens new head office of Minhaj Welfare Foundation (London)

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) UK & Europe opened its new head office in London. Shaykh-ul-Islam paid a short visit to the new head office prior to his departure for Hajj 2011. MWF UK & EU has been... Read More

Iftar Dinner held under Minhaj Reconciliation Council (Norway)

Minhaj Reconciliation Council (Norway) organized an Iftar dinner on August 25, 2011, which was attended by a large number of non-Muslim leaders of various communities. The proceedings of the dinner... Read More

MWF Norway arranges a fundraiser for Somalia

On Saturday, the 20th of August 2011, one hundred young volunteer fundraisers gathered to stand together for a specific effort. These young souls met up to make an effort to help the... Read More

Minhaj Welfare Foundation: LIVE Charity Appeal on

Minhaj Welfare Foundation: LIVE Charity Appeal on (Sunday, 14th August 2011 --- 2:00 pm till 9:00 pm evening (UK Time)

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (UK & Europe) launches Campaign 2011

Minhaj Welfare Foundation officially launched its 2011 campaign, ‘WOULD YOU’ in Manchester on Sunday 12th June 2011. The Amir of Minhaj ul Quran UK, Zahoor Ahmed Niazi was overwhelmed with the... Read More

MQI launches relief campaign for Tsunami-hit people of Japan

Minhaj-ul-Quran International Japan launched a relief campaign for the Tsunami-affected people of Japan. Minhaj Welfare Foundation, a sister organization of MQI, took the initiative on March 25,... Read More

Rebuilding Lives & reviving hope in humanity: An Evening of Mercy

A fundraising event in Sheffield raised money for the Orphans of the Pakistan floods, which occurred almost 8 months ago in July-August 2010. Inspirational talks and Nasheeds at the Hilton Hotel in... Read More