MYL UK Executives meet MYL Holland

In true Minhaj ul Quran fashion it’s affiliated Youth also conduct their services in different parts of the world in a very versatile fashion. Feeling the urge to share ideas, support and learn from each other and strengthen relations for better team work, MYL UK executive members travelled to Holland to meet with MYL NL and also availed an opportunity to attend THE Annual Milaad Festival 2009.

It was the ninth year in running that MYL Holland had organised THE annual MILAAD FESTIVAL 2009. From the success story of Milaad Festival 2008 ( it was clear 2009 Milaad Festival will exceed all expectations and it truly did, in a very inspiring fashion.

MYL UK President, Tahseen Khalid & MYL NL Holland president established the beginning of a stronger intercontinental working relationship pertaining but not exclusive to the management of projects, capitalising multitalented member base and better coordination of events throughout Europe. Mr president, provided an insight on MYL’s versatile & compatible operational approach in Holland hence effective with the Youth and the challenges they face. He emphasised that while adapting to the needs of community is necessary, keeping the effectiveness of the message of Minhaj ul Quran intact in sprit & purpose should always be our utmost priority.

Tahseen Khalid invited president & his team to attend the MYL three day residential retreat Event organised annually in UK. For more details visit

MYL UK executives expressed enormous gratitude on the hospitality, commitment, dedication, harmony and adaptability of the multicultural team of MYL NL Holland truly inspired by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s message of peace and integration. May their efforts be blessed by the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and his beloved Prophet (PBUH), Ameen!