Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri urges people to reconnect themselves with the Holy Quran

Minhaj Women League (UK) held the Holy Quran Day to celebrate the greatest miracle of the Holy Prophet (saw), the revelation of the Holy Quran.

The programme was hosted by Saiqa Shaheen, Deputy General Secretary MWL UK, and commenced with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Fareeha Kashif. This was followed by a heartfelt hamd by Faiza Adeel and naat by Nida Siddiqa.

During the month of Ramadan, MWL UK has been hosting Dawrah e Quran where the head of Irfan ul Hidayah UK Qurat ul Ain Muddassir gave an excellent daily explanation of the Holy Quran. The four zonal heads of MWL UK expressed the gratitude that many viewers had conveyed to them highlighting how they had benefited from the Dawrah-e-Quran series.

This was followed by an address by Nasreen Ahktar, president of MWL UK. Nasreen spoke of the importance of prayer and charity in Ramadan. Prayers strengthens the soul, and Ramadan is a month of training which we should take beyond Ramadan. She also articulated Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's role in reconnecting Muslims to the Holy Quran.

Next Qurat-ul-Ain shared her message on the Quran Day. She spoke of the reading of the Holy Quran as a source of true guidance, a source of learning and a source of benefit for all of mankind when read with understanding and the awareness of what Allah (swt) is teaching us. The Quran is, at its core, the book in which Allah (swt) has outlined how we should strive to live our lives. She went on to introduce Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri, President MWL International, as the keynote speaker.

Dr Ghazala started by congratulating MWL UK on its brilliant effort on the Dawrah e Quran series. She then spoke at length about the nature of the Holy Quran as the Word of Allah (swt) but is not to be considered a "makhluok", as it is a attribute of Allah (swt).

To reconnect with the the Holy Quran is to strengthen our bond with Allah (swt) and through the Quran He resides in our hearts from which we will benefit immensely.

Dr Ghazala urged the participants to read, and understand the Quran and then implement its instructions, adding that only then will we find peace and satisfaction in life. When the Holy Quran enters our hearts, we gain His (Allah's) nearness.

Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri went on to liken the reading and hearing, the recitation and understanding, the practical implementation, and finally the spreading of the Holy Quran to others as the four relationships with the Holy Quran. She said that we must strive to make the Quran a part of our daily life. She said that unfortunately many of us neglect this responsibility, stating that it is imperative to listen to beautiful Quranic recitation with a view to understanding it.

A hadith states that to understand one verse is better than a 1000 optional prayers. Through carelessness we have deprived ourselves of blessing of the Holy Quran. Dr Ghazala's message was that we should make conscious efforts to revive our bond with the Holy Quran.

Nasreen Akhtar thanked Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri for her inspirational address. This was followed by Salaam that was presented Nida Siddiqa and finally a Dua by Qurat-ul-Ain.