Minhaj Sisters Walsall Organized Community Iftar for Christians

On the 31st of May, Minhaj Sisters Walsall held a community Iftar for our Christian friends as part of the Mosque-Church twinning programme. This was done at the Minhaj ul Quran Walsall Centre. This gave Minhaj ul Quran the opportunity to share their views and show our Christian friends what we do after we have fasted for the whole day. As the only way for people to accept us is for them to understand us through communication.

This was organised by Sister Rania, Sister Seema, Sister Razia with the support of Allama Ali Akbar, Brother Farhan Us Sabah and Qari Wajid Mehmood. This was to make our Christian brothers and sisters feel welcome in our community and for them to better understand us. This Iftar was a great success as our Christian companions were overjoyed by this event and there was definitely a good connection going around.

The programme opened with tilawat e Quran by brother Muhammad Abdullah and after a few nasheeds Allama Ali Akbar delivered a talk on the commonalities between the two faiths. For iftar water, fruit and dates were shared out. Then our Christian brothers and sisters observed maghrib salah then food was served and enjoyed by all. Allama Ali Akbar delivered an uplifting dua in English for everyone to understand. This event definitely was even better than our last year's community iftar. We are sure to be holding and attending more events with the Church in future.