MWL Accrington hold Annual Durood-o-Salaam Mehfil

MWL Accrington presented an inspiring and spiritual Annual Durood Mehfil on 11th February 2019. The programme was hosted by MWL member Bajee Salma with guidance from MWL senior Bajee Yasmeen. Congratulations sister on your new role of being host at MWL Accrington Mehfils and gatherings. May Allah reward you for your dedication to this new transition with MWL.

Alhamdullilah the programme was initiated with the melodious recitation of the Holy Quraan with translation by MWL member Bajee Saeeda, followed by beautiful contributions of Naats by Bajee Shahzeen and from our MWL North Media Secretary bajee Zainab. Proceeding, an uplifting and motivational speech was delivered by our senior MWL Accrington Bajee Rifat in which the immeasurable and numerous blessings of reading Durood Shareef and attending Durood gatherings were highlighted. Reference was taken from Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's Monthly Durood Majlis on 5th January 2019 in which Shaykh-ul-Islam emphasised the Miracle of this act of worship stipulating that praying Durood Shareef is the only act of worship that is guaranteed acceptance by Allah (S.W.T). Furthermore, Bajee Rifat also talked about the true source of contentment and peace that is ultimately found in the remembrance of our supreme Lord. Additionally, Bajee Shahzeen, Bajee Maqsood also contributed by the recitation of beautiful hamd or sanaa alongside another Senior MWL member Bajee Tahzeem leading zikr and azkaar. In concluding the Mehfil, Bajee Rifat read an emotional Dua in which amongst the recitation of Surat Yaseen, 250,000 Durood-e-Paak was presented as a gift to our beloved Master of creation Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Finally, the entire congregation finished with Salaam and Durood. Jazakallah to all Members of MWL Accrington in organising this beautiful gathering and to all of the local sisters of Accrington for attending. May the Almighty, Most Merciful Allah reward us all for our efforts and determination. Ameen.