A branch of Minhaj Peace & Integration Council inaugurated

On May 29, 2010, the Center of Minhaj-ul-Quran International (Stavanger) Norway welcomed a delegation of the Minhaj Peace & Integration Council consisting of Director Ejaz Ahmed Warraich for two-day visit. The main focus of the tour was to launch a similar council in Stavanger that would work for integration, social welfare, and local working assistance.

The workshop commenced with the recitation of the Quran followed by main talk delivered by Ejaz Ahmed Warraich, Director of Minhaj Peace and Integration Council. He highlighted the achievements and the goals of the council with examples in Norway via a slide show. He also shed light upon how important this council was for solving everyday problems that the society we are living in, is faced with.

Concluding his talk, he emphasized the need for a council to be formed in Stavanger, which would be guided and trained by the Minhaj Peace& Integration Council. The feedback of his presentation was positive and many people submitted their names for the working committee of this council. A council was formed and later a meeting with the council was conducted to specify their tasks.

This is the 15th branch in Europe and consists of following people; Ejaz Chaudhry (President), Summer Ejaz (Member), and Hina Saleem (Member).