Orphan and Needy Sponsorship

Aghosh - Minhaj Welfare Foundation

AND THE PERSON Who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this (putting his index and middle finger together)

Prophetic tradition (Bukhari & Muslim).

When you sponsor a child with Minhaj Welfare Foundation, it brings much needed change to a child’s life. The benefits your help provide extend to the child’s family, their community, and other children in need. Our sponsorship helps build a healthy, sustainable future for an orphan and needy child.

When a child loses everything, MWF’s Aghosh project is there to give orphans a home, carer, family and complete requirements of a healthy life. We provide a safe environment where children grow up from infancy to adulthood. In addition to our Orphan Care Home in Lahore, Sialkot and Multan – Pakistan with your support we have recently inaugurated another Aghosh Orphan Care Home project in Karachi – Pakistan.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation

Aghosh (Orphan Boys)/ Bait-ul-Zahra (Orphan Girls)

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