India: Phase-4 of MIWF Help Feed project completed

On the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, Islam enjoins us to attend to the underprivileged and take care of the disadvantaged and share happiness and joy with the destitute sections of society. This Eid is also called Eid-ul-Fitr because the donation distributed among the destitute, the poor and the downtrodden sections of society before the offering of Eid prayers is called ‘Fitr’.

Socially speaking, Eid-ul-Ftir is an occasion to reach out to the less fortunate people and share their happiness and grief. This produces socially positive impact on the well-being of society. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) not only commanded , but also showed us practically to remember the orphaned and poor on the day of Eid to show our gratitude to Almighty Allah by being generous with the poor and needy.

Under Help Feed project of Minhaj Interfaith and Welfare Foundation, Eid/Food packs were distributed in the following cities.

  • Hyderabad, Telangana (Our team distributed the Eid Packs to 300 poor and deserving families at their doorsteps)
  • Umaria District , MP
  • Hasan, Karnataka( The team distributed the Eid Packs to 130 poor and deserving families at their doorsteps)
  • Mysore, Karnataka (MYLI volunteers distributed food packs to families at their door step)
  • Aurangabad , Maharashtra