Al-Tazkiya 2021: Interview with Dr Aqsa Aziz

Dr Aqsa Aziz Interview - Al-Tazkiya 2021

The third session was a very inspiring interview with Dr Aqsa Aziz which was hosted by Sister Fathema Khan. Dr Aqsa Aziz a course director and senior lecturer at Coventry University; is an exceptional woman who has always strived for excellence not only in her educational life but personal life as well.

She has always strived to be the best in anything she does, in accordance to the ahadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); “when you do something do it to the best of your ability.” Dr Aqsa lives by prioritising Allah Almighty in her life and said that everything else falls into place, as He is the one that helps you and blesses you with the success.

Dr Aqsa’s advise to sisters who are students of knowledge is, to be consistent and continuous in their studies and not to leave everything last minute, as this becomes overwhelming, hence unable to achieve excellence in education.

Her advise to mothers is that in order to be a good role model for the children, is to practise what you preach, as actions speak louder than words! Also, Dr Aqsa emphasisied to the women to take time out for themselves to regroup and recharge ourselves because if our cup is empty then what do we have to give to others? She also said to women to not over burden themselves and that it is ok to ask for help from spouse, family and friends, as we are not superwomen and shouldn’t feel the need to do everything alone.

She said it’s important to connect with Allah Almighty, take time out and pray and have your special time with Allah Almighty because if you make Allah Almighty your priority then He looks after you and helps you and blesses you with success. Her final message was to never compromise on your Deen, make Allah Almighty first and then you will never be last! The session left all the participants feeling enlightened and motivated.

Dr Aqsa Aziz Interview - Al-Tazkiya 2021