Al-Nasiha 2021: Dr Ghazala Qadri speaks on how to create mercy & compassion in a marital relationship

Al-Nasiha 2021: Dr Ghazala speaks on how to create mercy & compassion in a marital relationship

Speaking at the fourth session of ‘Al-Nasiha – Strengthening the Family Unit’ organized by Minhaj Sisters UK, Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri spoke on how to create mercy and compassion in a marital relationship. She said that it is important to remember that our spouses are our life partners, and within this journey of life, the couples are a team. She highlighted that it is crucial that you become a source of comfort for one another and in times of need you are there to support each other and provide one another with strength. Helping another is extremely important in Islam and Allah (SWT) rewards those who do so immensely, and if you want to help or assist anyone then your spouse has one of the greatest rights over you. For every help you provide them or every stress you may relieve them of, Almighty Allah (SWT) in His mercy will do the same for you in this life and in the hereafter.

The fourth session commenced with an introduction by Sister Ambreen Mehmood (General Secretary of Minhaj Sisters UK).

Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri stated that when a problem arises, rather than finding a solution, things tend to get worse. She emphasised the importance of staying calm and finding a way to solve the problem or at least mitigate the pain and be a source of strength and understanding for your spouse as this was the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We need to support our spouses, both verbally and through our actions. It is important to edify them in private and in public, particularly amongst friends and families so others are aware of your support for one another.

Dr Ghazala said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the seal of the Prophets and the most Blessed of all creation, yet he (SAW) still turned to Sayyida Khadija (RA) for comfort and solace for which she provided emotional and moral support.

Dr Ghazala went on to explain that this is an extremely important lesson for all of us. That no matter who we are, whatever position we hold, or whatever status we may have, we must always be considerate, compassionate, and empathetic towards our spouses. Marriage is a partnership, not a dictatorship. As spouses, we should not only insist upon our own rights to be implemented but also have regard to the rights of other family members. The key is to be balanced and moderate in one’s behaviour, she concluded.