Minhaj Sisters UK organizes a 4-week long course 'Al-Nasiha 2021'

Minhaj Sisters UK has organised a 4-week course titled ‘Al-Nasiha – Strengthening the family unit’ with Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri to start the year. The first session commenced with an introduction by Sister Ifrah Khalid (Vice President of Minhaj Sisters UK) and a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Sister Khadija Rafiq.

Al-Nasiha 2021 with Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri

This was followed by Dr Ghazala's address on the first session on how to create peace and harmony in a marital relationship. Firstly, Dr Ghazala highlighted the importance of discussing the topic of strengthening the family unit, and how the wellbeing of a nation depends on a strong and loving family as they have the job of producing the next generation of emotionally healthy, responsible, and educated citizens. Only they can be prepared to maintain the physical and social infrastructure of the society they live in. A strong Muslim family institution can significantly contribute to developing a healthy society.

Al-Nasiha 2021 with Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri

Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri said that the marital relationship in Islam is an incredible blessing. Almighty Allah provides us with three essential elements that should be present in any marital relationship. The first element is having peace between the husband and wife, that they should be happy and be at peace with each other. The second element is love between the couple, which is to care for the needs and desires of each other which in turn should create an intimate connection between the couple. The third element is mercy, that a husband and wife should be gentle and tender-hearted in their dealings with each other. If we want to have happy and contented marital lives, these three elements always need to be present consistently in a relationship.

Dr Ghazala went on to explain how these key elements can be created between the couple. There is one thing that should be kept at the forefront of one's mind, and that is your intention. When performing any kind of act or duty, our first and primary aim should always be to please Almighty Allah and to seek His (SWT) pleasure. If the intention behind any act is to gain the pleasure of Allah (SWT), then we will not look to others for validation, when all that is needed is the happiness of Almighty Allah. Once this frame of mind is created, it will not matter what others have to say and the thoughts of pleasing Almighty Allah are the only things that will create peace within yourself.

Dr Ghazala said that having the intention of doing something for the pleasure of Allah Almighty then reduces the expectation that we always hold of getting appreciation. Whenever we do anything for each other as a husband or wife, we should always do these acts to please Almighty Allah.