MWL Tinsley held a weekly Halqa Durood

MWL Tinsley held a very special weekly Halqa Durood highlighting the terrible tragedy of Model Town massacre of June 17th 2014. The congregation organised by Sister Khalda Khan (President MWL Tinsley) applauded the sacrifices and steadfastness of those brave individuals who lost their lives on that sad day. MWL Members also read Hamd and Naats.

Surat Yaseen was recited for our brave martyrs and a passionate Dua was made by MWL President pleading to the Almighty Allah to raise their status on the Day of Judgement and may they be blessed with the intercession of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). The Mehfil was an emotional event moving many to tears. Food was also served to all guests. May Allah reward MWL Tinsley for all their hard work and commitment.