MWL Accrington organized special Mehfil for Martyrs of Model Town tragedy

MWL Accrington alongside their Halqa Durood coordinated a special Mehfil to highlight the great sacrifices and hardships endured by the brave Shuhada of the Model Town tragedy of June 2014. MWL senior Baji Rifat Saeed enlightened the Mehfil with the remarkable sacrifices made by these brave people. Sabak was read as Sawaab for these exalted people including 1 Quran Paak, 10 Paray, 24 Surah Yaseen, 1 Surah Muhammad 3 Surah Rahman, 2 Surah Mulk, 2, Surah Muzammil, 1 Surat Fatha, 1 Surah Kahf, 2 Dua Jameela,13 Duroode-Taj,1 Durood Likhe, 55 Ayatul Kursi, Ahad Nama and 20,000 Kalima Tayyiba.

Additionally, Durood Shareef was recited approximately 47,000 times. MWL Accrington Welfare Secretary Baji Shaheen Akhtar read Durood o Salaam concluding with an emotional Dua read by Baji Rifat asking Allah the Almighty to Grant great triumph to the Shuhaada on the Day of Judgement.