Mawlid un Nabi (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) - Milton Keynes

Mawlid un Nabi Celebrations

The 9th of November saw Jamia Mosque packed with youth and elderly who came together to celebrate Mawlid-un-Nabi. In collaboration with the Jamia Mosque committee, Minhaj Sisters commemorated this auspicious month with the audience’s participation. It was hosted by Mrs. Farzana, and included recitation of the Quran and beautiful Arabic and Urdu nasheeds recited by both youths.

Ms. Khadijah Atkinson from London made reference to a talk delivered by Dr Ghazala Hassan Qadri (in Leicester) around Quranic references referring to Mawlid and importance of these events that strengthen our connection with the beloved Prophet (Salla-Llahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam).

This was further related to a hadith about Iman and loving the Prophet (Salla-Llahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) and the reaction of Sayyiduna Umar (Radiya-Llahu ‘anhu) upon hearing this hadith. Expanding on some of the works of Shaykh-ul-Islam around the condition of the youth, the inner struggle around retaining blessings and adopting good habits to protect Iman, Mrs. Khadijah ended with sharing five points of advice from Shaykh-ul-Islam (Al-Hidayah camp, 2011) for the youth to reflect and act upon.

Alima Faiza Qadri using Shaykh ul Islam’s works on Mawlid in Urdu, to illustrate the need for us to change and adapt the ways of the Prophet (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) explored the perfect character and manners of the Prophet, (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) Using many examples of the companions around how they revered the Prophet (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) and would not allow his blessed hair or blessed wudhu water to fall onto the floor, and would collect the blessed hair and water for Baraka.

Alima Faiza discussed the hadith of Abu Lahab and how he continues to be rewarded for celebrating the birthday of the Prophet (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) to demonstrate and engender the reverence and rewards for us as Muslims for doing so. Narrating a beautiful hadith about the responses of the Prophet (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) when his blessed shawl was pulled by a person who wanted some items from the Prophet (Salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa alihi wa sallam). Alima Faiza illustrated the level of utmost patience and soft approach in the face of adversity and invited the audience to think about how they would have responded.

The success of this event was measured by the attendance and their feedback and more importantly the sales of Shaykh ul Islam’s books. All proceeds from the book sale were returned to the London MQI book-shop.

Mawlid un Nabi Celebrations

Mawlid un Nabi Celebrations