MWL UK hold Body Shrouding training workshop

On the 10th of September 2018 a Workshop was held by Birmingham Women’s Education Team regarding Ghusl (Shrouding) with the will of Allah Subhan WaTaala and the blessing of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. This program was hosted by Sister Rabia Khanam who invited Sister Shaheen Akhter (Hodgehill) to recited verses from the holy Quran followed by Naat Shareef by Sister Aasyia Begum (Hodgehill) and hadith by Sister Mukhtar Begum.

Sister Shazia Parveen MWL (General secretary of Birmingham) spoke about how shaitan is always with us even at the time of death because he doesn’t want us to recite the shahada as the last words when we leave this world. Ghusl and shrouding is fard kifayah, everyone should be washed and shrouded unless it’s a martyr. Shahada should be recited near the dying so that they can repeat it also surah Yaseen should be recited near the head of the dying person. Preparations for the deceased are Kafan (white sheets of cloth), bahoor, in scent sticks to make the area of Ghusl smell nice. Body must be covered at all times with dark colour fabric, use gloves and cotton wool to wash the deceased private parts, ablution as normal with luke warm water and body must be covered with dark colored clothes so that it doesn’t become transparent. 5 pieces of cloth for the Kafan and scissors is needed, after the normal Ghusl you must wash the hair and then tilt the body and wash right side and then left, sit the body up ad gently press the stomach to release anything left inside. You are not allowed to clip any nails or even brush their hair, ladies Kafan has 5 pieces. One cannot reveal anything that displeases the eye at the time of Ghusl.

Rukhsana Parveen MWL (Dawah and Tarbiyyah Secretary of Midlands) spoke about how pious people have very easy deaths unlike people with sins, its best to have a pious person around when someone is dying so that they remember to recite the shahada. One should close the dying persons eyes so that they can’t see the sole leaving the body, always ask Allah Subhan WaTaala for forgiveness and count your sins at the end of the day. We should remember our deaths as often as possible as this removes our sins, after burial family should stay by the grave for the length of time it takes to slaughter a camel and chopping it up. One should recite Surah Baqra from the begging by the buried persons head and last verses by the end of the grave. Rukhsana spoke about how we can benefit the deceased by doing sadqah jaraha and in return they will do duaa for us too, there are hadiths to prove this. Rukhsana spoke about how we feed our bodies to nourish them that is how we need to do sadqa jarah to feed the sole. Prophet PBUH put a branch on the grave as sadqa jarah to relieve their pain in the grave, invitations to a khatum is haram and also asking Maddrassah’s to recite Qurans for them is not permissible.

Rabia Khanam MWL(President of Birmingham) spoke about how death separates you from all relations, it one thing that will come to everyone, death is a prison sentence for the sinners, death will come when your time is up and in the place where it’s suppose to come. No one can escape death but by remembering death you remove some of your sins, by remembering death it also softens your heart and removes sins. When you forget about your death you become greedy and forget about Salah and your heart becomes hard to emotions and Live life as a traveler as death can come anytime. Sister Rukhsana told us about Hazrat Maryam’s death and how the angles prepared her for the Ghusl. At the time of Hazrat Zainab death Prophet PBUH said boil berry leaves in water then give Ghusl when it becomes Luke warm.

Required items for the Ghusl;

2 bath sheets

2 big cloth sheets

1 scarf

1 cloth with T cut called shirt

1 cloth for the chest piece

2 dark colour sheets

Gloves, cotton wool shampoo, body wash, lota, bahoor, perfume, to wash the body with.

Practical demonstration was done on a lady to show step by step how to give

Ghusl and Kafan a deceased person.

Duaa was done by Sister Rukhsana Parveen

Reported by: Shaheen Akhter Minhaj Women League (Media Secretary of Alum Rock Birmingham) UK