Minhaj Welfare Pakistan Earthquake 2015 Response: Distribution of relief goods

Ever since the earthquake hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and India on 26 October 2015, Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s region officers have been mobilised to assess the situation on the ground and help with relief efforts.

According to official reports more than 200,000 people are directly affected by the earthquake just in the KPK province of Pakistan and are now homeless.

Syed Amjad Ali Shah, MWF Director Pakistan said, “the devastation is real and as left a very severe damage to the northern region of ‪‎Pakistan, more needs to be done.

The MWF team travelled to the northern region of Pakistan from 30 Oct – 1 Nov 2015 to help distribute relief goods to the affectees in Alipur (district Shangla), Mingora region (in Swat) and Husbunra (district lover Dir).

MWF is reaching out to hard meet areas and we are happy that aid is reaching those in real need”, Mr Amjad Shah further added.

Minhaj Welfare’s initial phase of emergency response was to provide food security to families, including basic food items and clean drinking water. MWF distributed food packages to more than 1000.

Our next phase is to support families affected by the cold weather. Due to the impact occurring mainly in the northern region of Pakistan, and with thousands more now being left homeless MWF is appealing for warm clothing, blankets, and shelters to help those in need.

By simply donating £100, $100 or 100 euros you can keep a family warm during the winter periods. For donations please call our MWF team on 0300 30 30 777 or visit us at www.minhajwelfare.org

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has successully recieved your donaions, and have prepared the much needed Emergency Aid Packs...

Posted by Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) on Sunday, November 1, 2015